Style squad zim

In lieu of Fathers’ day, I decided I would create a men’s inspired look with my daddy’s blazer. I love playing around with men’s wear, putting my own twist on it and making it unique to my own style.

I created this blog to share my personal fashion journey, my ups and downs working as a stylist in Zimbabwe and to share fashion tips and tricks I learn along the way. I have always had a keen eye for fashion but I never thought I would end up working as a stylist after graduation.

With each new day, I learn more about myself through fashion. I get a sense of freedom, I have never felt before. The freedom to express, the freedom to be.

Style Squad is a dream coming true everyday. I wanted to create a platform for fashion lovers and myself to express ourselves, share our stories and inspirations. Style Squad is for anyone and everyone who shares my love and desire for a more fashionable world. A world in which all our fashion and style voices are heard and accepted for their uniqueness and individuality. A world that allows us to dress to express who we are and why we are.

To me FASHION is yesterday, FASHION is NOW and FASHION is tomorrow!! Fashion is you, is me, is us.




dress to express


Hey there dolls, leave a comment below.

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