Adventures in the city that never sleeps with Daisy!

Every outfit we wear is a reflection of who we are or who we want to be. The way we present ourselves to the world determines who accepts us, who wants to know more about us and how people will treat us. It’s human nature to judge by appearance and I always want to be in control of the narrative they create about me. I dress intentionally, with each outfit planned out in accordance to how I want to be perceived and how I feel each day.

Its always easier to dress when you know what you want people to see before you even say anything. First impressions are lasting impressions. The way we judge other people’s appearances is the way they judge our own. And so often we are caught up with what’s happening with everyone else, we forget that we are also communicating and displaying who we are with our individual styles.

Style is not a linear concept, its dynamic, constantly changing and evolving with us as we grow and our tastes change. The important thing for me is to embrace my style as it is in that moment, without duplicating another’s style. Style is an individual journey, and it takes boldness and courage to walk that journey, going where it is leading you without hesitation or doubt.

I am still learning and discovering what my own style is and what I am communicating with each passing day. I do know, though that I want to make a lasting impression on everyone I meet and interact with. To show bits and pieces of my personality through my outfits, I love using bursts of bright colours embedded in my accessories. Each day is an adventure in this beautiful city that never sleeps (Harare) and today I take it on with my new hot pink bag, Daisy!


dress to express


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