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Let there be magic: The Style Illusions You Need This Summer

Summer is fast approaching!!! Ladies are we ready?? Well ready or not, summer is coming in fast and furious!! I am so excited to pack away the heavy winter coats, jackets, boots and scarfs! Give me dresses that flow with the summertime breeze, open sandals or gladiators, floppy hats, shorts, you name it. I love it all!! Beautiful bright colours dancing in the sunlight, laughter in the air and happy people, sign me up!
Stylistically summer is the greatest season on earth, the style options to are endless. This summer is different for me, I feel a heightened sense of freedom and boldness to explore and switch up my style. I want to push myself off the edge a little by sprinting out of my style comfort zone and never looking back. I am diving straight into the deep-end, head first this summer!!

However, to be totally honest, my excitement for summer is thawed by the realisation that I have picked up a few kilos during winter. Like many women all around the world, I struggle with my fluctuating weight and body image. My weight has been a constant source of frustration and anxiety since high school. One day its up, two weeks later its down, I can never reach my target weight and  just stay there.

Thankfully all is not lost, I come bearing style gifts!! Being stylish this summer has never been easier, extra winter kilos and all. The great news is, no stressful diets, juice fasts or completely starving ourselves! Just the all-knowing,  beautiful magic in our clothes! Show of hands, ladies who loves magic?? You certainly will now!

I am so excited to share two of my personal style magic tricks, just in time for summer.

Waist Belts and Pencil skirts

Waist belts are God’s gift to women everywhere and my secret weapon, whatever the season. Personally, I have always wanted to be curvaceous, have the ultimate hour glass figure but my body had other plans. But thanks to a little style magic, I can be curvaceous anytime I please.

Did you know that waist belts give your body, shape by creating the illusion of a tiny waist and wider hips? The perfect hour glass figure without going under the knife or wasting money on diet plans that never seem to work. When you incorporate waist belts into your look, the eye is automatically drawn in and the belt becomes the focal point of your outfit. You decide what areas of your body you want to play up or down. You are in total control. Adding a waist belt to any look ensures that you are looking nice and tight without the added hustle!

Pencil skirts, just like waist belts, are sheer magic for any body shape or size.The narrow end of the skirt give the illusion of a tinier waist and wider hips.  VIOLA you are curvaceous!! Now, the two paired together, double trouble!! In my look I have paired the two together for optimum curvaceous nation, the hour glass figure I have always wanted!!
Don’t we just love fashion?? There is a magician inside each and every one of us, the key is making the unreal seem real and the great news is, it’s possible. Fashion illusions aren’t all just about appearing curvaceous, you can tailor each and every look to cater to your specific style needs.

This summer who wants to join me in a magical quest to share our summer style illusions with each other? Let’s show the world how we can use magic for good this summer. Are you up for the challenge??




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