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My Skin In HD- Why I Started Using Foundation

Beauty week is finally here!! I am so thrilled Style Squad Zimbabwe is part of this amazing virtual event! A week to celebrate our beauty and uniqueness by sharing our personal experiences!!

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I’m a nineties baby, a time full of vibrancy, music and colour TV! Growing up, I was so taken and fascinated by the TV, I really wanted to be in that world and appear on screen. It just seemed so magical but my little brain couldn’t understand how all these beautiful people could appear on the screen but not be behind the television set or in the room. I remember trying to sneak up behind the TV in hopes that i would see them, but I never did. For the longest time, I was convinced my family was hiding them from me, it was the only possible explanation. The TV and I had a love/hate relationship for the better part of my childhood. As the years went by, our relationship did improve, immensely. I still didn’t understand how the people appeared on the screen but I was now sure that my family wasn’t hiding them in a closet somewhere around the house.

Colour TV was everything, you needed to have it in your house! A symbol of status and wealth in some parts of the world, it was the talk of the town. Until the whispers about HD (high definition) TV started. I refused to get swept up by the hype. After all, the colour TV was just great. HD sounded like a bad scam to me, it was still colour TV with enhanced picture quality, seriously? I still wasn’t sold.

A wise person once said don’t knock it till you try it and they were so right!! When I finally gave into the hype and actually looked at the quality of HD images on screen, I was completely amazed! It was incredible!! What a huge difference to the colour TV at home. I mean, precise, clear picture quality, what a dream! HD definitely gives watching TV a whole new meaning.

Its so funny because the way I felt about HD TV is exactly how I felt about foundation. For the longest time I was a makeup cynic!! I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Looking back, I think my dislike for foundation and make up was a result of family trying to push me out of my shell when I wasn’t ready. “Makeup will make you prettier, more girly!” To me that translated to “you need makeup to be ‘prettier’ because you’re ugly right now without it” I just really wanted to be left alone with my ugly self. The more they pushed the more I resisted. A lack of understanding paired with my resistance only made my dislike for all things makeup intensify more and more as I grew older.

But we live and we learn, fast forward to 2015 I love my foundation! I realise now that all I needed was space to grow and leave my shell in my own time. Curiosity and intrigue finally got the better of me and I wanted to explore makeup and how it works with my skin. So I set out on a little foundation adventure and my life has never been the same.

Since my journey started with just colour, I have decided to take you along for the ride. I will start with my non foundation looks and move on to foundation HD.






Like all great adventures, I started out with a detailed mission and action plan. I really wanted to know more about makeup so I did my research. I am a cautious Sally, research is my best friend! So I went to various beauty counters around town and tested out different foundations. For each foundation, I did a 3-day trial to assess how it worked with skin. My skin is super sensitive, so its very important for me to test out products before making a commitment, I am a girl on a budget, after all. After my very extensive research, the verdict was in, Vault Cosmetics for the win! I chose the foundation DC3, for ladies on the go that need a stress-free foundation. But what really drew me to DC3 Perfect Finish Foundation was that it was specifically made for ladies that don’t apply makeup on a daily basis. I love my foundation and the HD effect it has on my skin!





Ladies, this year I’m learning that the best thing you can do for yourself is experiment! Don’t be afraid to try new things with your style, hair and makeup. Ask questions, watch DIY videos on YouTube, experiment with your angels, see what looks good and what doesn’t look good on you. But you will honestly never know if you don’t take the first step. Its so funny, when we are younger, we are curious beings, so engaged with our surroundings, we want to know everything but as we get older that hunger and curiosity to learn vanishes and we become so self conscious and withdrawn.

Makeup has become such a contentious and controversial topic which sparks heated debates. Many have argued that makeup alters women’s facial features which can be misleading and others argue that makeup just enhances beauty that is already there. I recently read about a man in the process of divorcing his wife because he felt misled when he finally saw her without makeup for the first time! How shocking!! The way I understand makeup, that doesn’t even make any sense! Makeup doesn’tΒ  disguise or totally change someone’s facial features, just like HD, it only enhances an existing image. Similar toΒ  HD TV, its the same great content, better quality. I love my skin, but when I want a change of pace, my DC3 gives me that extra pop.

So why did I start using foundation?? Because just like everyone else, I LOVE HD!!

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