Play Time- Fun With Lip Colour


Beauty week has been amazing so far!! Thank you so much for the growing support, it means a lot to the ladies and I. Don’t forget to link up with my girls Sasha and Ranga on their stunning blogs:


As a young girl, I lived for play time. Play time was ‘me time’ and nothing could get in the way of that. I loved playing dress up and imagining I was a famous artist. My imagination ran wild with visions of my glamorous lifestyle, it felt so real, so tangible. I could have lived in those moments forever. My hopes and dreams were so alive, an innocent mind with the freedom to imagine a world where absolutely anything was possible!

But as I grew older, less time was allocated for playing. I had to be a big girl, do my homework, read books and basically just grow up. Before I knew it, play time was completely phased out and I couldn’t hide away in my beautiful world anymore. Each year, I lost a piece of that little girl, full of wonder and hope, becoming a withdrawn and quiet teenager.

But this year, PLAY TIME IS BACK!! Brick by brick I have been pulling down my walls and breaking out of my shell. I missed that little girl and all the fun she had playing, no care in the world. But growing up, I left her behind and robbed of myself of the freedom and the joy that comes from dreaming in pursuit of ‘maturity’ and ‘adulthood’. But young Nyash never actually left, she was there, fighting to have her voice heard! And finally, she wore me down and here we are today!

Play time has definitely changed over the years but it’s still play time nevertheless. I can’t play with barbie and friends anymore so I found new playmates, my LIPSTICKS!!

Say hello to my little friends..


This year I have been a vocal advocate for experimentation and my cause is only growing stronger with each day! I have found that I learn more about my creativity when I just go with it. I get the best results when I just let my crazy ideas flow, hence play time. Play time is now less about imaging a different world and more about creating a better reality in the world am in, with the use of colour. Ladies, there is so much fun to be had trying out new things and just being adventurous with your look. I get a kick of adventure every time I play with my lipsticks and mess around with different looks.

I have given all my playmates names, yes people, I’m that person!! I name everything!! Most lipsticks have names already, so I just name the ones without. Naming my playmates, personalises them, believe it or not. I’m actually inclined to take better care of them.





I definitely play favourites with my lipsticks, I love some just a little more than others because they give me flash and pop! I just love it when people notice my lip colour! So during play time, I mess around with different colours, mixing and matching them to create new fun colours. Its so much fun ladies! I’m not loyal to one particular brand as you can see from my little lipstick collection, it’s easier to come up with really interests colours and textures that way. Like a broken record, I will say it again, experimentation is your friend! Set aside time to play, to learn more about your style, what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You are in control, of what you transmit to the world.




So I choose to set aside 30minutes each week to explore colours, experiment with different looks and most importantly play. I am grown woman with play time and am not ashamed!

Forever Playful..


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  1. I clearly have to up my lipstick game. I have three lipsticks at the moment that I hardly ever wear except on a random day. I have trouble finding lipstick that doesn’t bleed. I just want to wear something that will take me through the day without having to reapply it a million times. Any suggestions on which lipstick brands I should try that are easy on the pocket as well?

    Lovely post, once I have a little collection I will also join you on the experiments.


    1. I hear you!! I hate constantly reapplying! I would suggest buying a lip stain or matte lipstick. I have a lipstain from Vault cosmetics (benjamin). I apply it once in the morning and am good the whole day. It costs $17! Its a great investment!

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  2. Hey twinny…I’ve been following ur blogs & um enjoying them buh I’ve to say that this one is my best cause i loooove lipstains…keep up the good work girl


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