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Girl On A Budget- Cheapskate Guide

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As a fashion blogger and stylist, I meet new people daily and I love it. I get the chance to interact and connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It’s always amazing to me that in every five people I meet, two of them will always ask me what facial products I use. So for this one time only, exclusively, for Beauty Week, I’m going to share my girl on a budget facial beauty product secrets.

I have a confession. My name is Nyash and I’m a CHEAPSKATE! It’s funny because people usually don’t associate fashion bloggers and stylists with words like cheapskate but its true for me. I’m not extreme but I do love to buy things I feel are value for my money. If the price isn’t right, I’m definitely not involved in any way, shape or form. My eye is constantly on the look out for bargains and discounts, whatever means I’m paying less.

I have very sensitive skin so when it comes to buying beauty products, cheap isn’t always a wise choice but I have learnt that it can be a smart choice. Finding beauty products can be so intimidating, especially with tones of reputable brands and products to chose from. There is a creme for this, a creme for that, toners, moistures, exfoliators, where does one even begin?

So what’s my secret? Meet my dynamic pink duo.


These two products are absolute magic!! They work wonders on on my skin and best of all, THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

Coming in at $2.70 is my stunning face wash courtesy of Ponds. I have been using Ponds Lasting Control for the past 9 months and I have to say, heaven! I really love the simplicity of Lasting Control, its just a face wash, no extra trinkets or big fancy confusing words or special minerals or what not. Its simple but definitely effective and my face thanks me every morning. I’m a really simple girl, so am drawn more to products that are hassle free.

I have a process before buying anything, I like to test out a product, compare prices and read reviews online before making a final decision. I love to buy the smallest and cheapest product in a range first and do a trial run. There is nothing worse than buying a whole product range, only to find out your skin hates it. I cautiously introduced Ponds into my morning regime, used it for a month. I really adored how it blended in with my skin. I was sold and I have been sold ever since.


At $4.80, my best friend for the past five years, Vaseline Even Tone. With Vase E-Tone, advertising played a huge role in my decision. Vaseline introduced E-Tone just before I went to varsity with a beautiful ad of couple honeymooning in Paris. The new bride had flawless skin and I was hooked. I just loved the ad, so the moment I got to South Africa and saw her on the self, I knew I had to have her. As per my method, I got the smallest bottle I could find and rest is history.


People are always shocked when I tell them what I use on my face. But its as simple as Vase E-Tone and Ponds Lasting Control Face wash. Both products are available in all major stores and supermarkets and pretty easy to find.

If you are looking to buy new beauty products, my suggestion is, start small, do a trial run before making any major decisions and spending tones of money.

Your Favourite Cheapskate

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