Eyes that pop: Eyeliner All Day Everyday


This week has been absolutely fantastic, there are no words to describe how grateful, excited and blessed I have been to be a part of this winning team! Ranga and Sasha, you two are amazing souls that have taught me the true meaning of teamwork and friendship. I love you ladies so much, thank you for embracing me as I am. This is just the beginning of bigger, bolder blogger collaborations!!

Lastly, I want to thank each and every one of you that supported #zimbloggersbeautyweek in any way, you made it a sterling success! Thank you very much. We love you! Don’t forget to keep up with my girls Ranga and Sasha on their blogs:

So this is my last post for beauty week, it has been such a journey. Those that have been following, have hopefully learnt more about beauty from all the tips and experiences shared. So today, I’m sharing my number one beauty essential, EYELINER!  

Eyeliner is the star of my beauty collection. I live for eyeliner! I literally use eyeliner everyday, whether its an HD day or not. Applying makeup every morning can be such a hustle, so I like to keep it simple with eyeliner. Instant drama and pop for my eyes! So simple, so quick, five minutes and am out the door, looking fabulous!


Eyeliner works as an invisible force that pulls people in and draws their attention to your eyes. Second to my smile, I love to highlight my eyes and make them the centre of attention. It really all depends on the level of drama and pop you are going for, you are in total control. For me, with eyeliner less is more and I have realised that if I draw on my inner eyelids instead of the outer eyelids, I get a more dramatic, goddess effect.


My all time favourite eyeliner is from the Essentials beauty range. In South Africa its available in all Clicks outlets and the last time I checked it was less than R25. What a steal!! What I love the most about this eyeliner is that it’s not an actual pencil, its the cool twisty eyeliners. Easy breezy!! Twist, apply and go. Using this eyeliner is a dream. If you can find it, I strongly recommend it. Unfortunately, Clicks isn’t operational in Zimbabwe so I have had to find alternative eyeliners to use.



The simple eyeliner pencil. This pencil is effective, easy to use and quite affordable. My three favourite product qualities combined in one awesome eyeliner. But, I sometimes  get annoyed with the eyeliner pencil because of the constant sharpening, especially when I’m in a rush. But it does work, which is great!



I paired my pencil eyeliner with blue mascara in this look!! How cool is this?

So excited to share the third type of eyeliner I use. I recently found it online and decided to try it out. Risks do pay off! It is amazing, such magic!! This eyeliner actually looks like an eye shadow but it isn’t! The blackest of the blackest, this eyeliner is just great man. Ten points from me, however I don’t know the technical term for it. You can apply this eyeliner with just about anything but I prefer to use the really thin make-up brush to get that nice line.




Eyeliner is a beautiful gift! Drama, flash or pop, whatever it is you’re looking for, eyeliner is here for you and so I’m I.

Beauty week has been great but I have to sign off now.

Stay beautiful,


dress to express



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