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Fashion Motors for the Summer: Bow- Tie Me

Summer is officially in full swing. We are in one of the hottest months in Zimbabwe (October) and I LOVE IT!

This past week, in an interview, I was asked, “what lights you up?” What a fascinating and strange question! Me being me, I didn’t have a fancy, long or eloquent answer, just one word, CREATIVITY!

Now, before you get outraged (haha), allow me to explain. Just before the interview, I was sitting in the car freaking out and trying to collect myself when I heard a motor in the distance. So automatically, I assume its a motorbike but to my surprise, I KID YOU NOT, this man had somehow hooked a motor to his bicycle! I couldn’t believe it! I mean wow!! He turned his bicycle into a makeshift motorbike just like that! Now instead of cycling to work, he was riding there instead. My goodness, what a magical experience for me, it was incredible to watch. Seeing that man riding along, got me thinking, I’m I being creative with the little I have?

There are just no words to describe how inspired and ‘lit up’ I am every time I see someone re-imagining and redefining  basic everyday items and making them extraordinary in the most simple ways possible.

Sometimes we hear the word creativity and think only of massive, out of this world, inventions or ideas. But most times, creativity is just attaching a motor to your bicycle! Simple!

So I have decided that for me, this summer is all about re-imagining my outfits by adding creative elements that make a statement. My very own fashion motor!


( King wanted to be a fashion motor too but he had to settle for co-model)

This year, I have had to learn that looking good isn’t determined by the number of clothes I have, or how much they cost, or where I got them, its just about how I choose to wear them! There are absolutely no formulas or restrictions to how creative I can be, its my world, my rules!


Give it up, for my very first FASHION MOTOR this summer…. Introducing my cute little BOWTIE,  Bow! I really wanted Bow to be the shining star of the look, so I paired her with all black.


Bow is the difference that stunned. My motor! Everyone loved her! She was the star I intended her to be. She is absolutely gorgeous.


I don’t know who the man with the motor is but he has shocked my senses and woken me up. I was living in limbo, a world with black and white. But this summer I want to see and live in full colour. Taking simple everyday outfits and making them my own, in a way that only I can.


True to my cheapskate ways, I got Bow from Ivato Supermarket (Longchen Plaza) for only $2! It literally cost $2 to create this take on men’s wear. I love playing around with concepts of masculine and feminine and Bow really took it home for me in this look. 


The beautiful pencil skirt is courtesy of Mr Price (R. 89.99) available online. A good pencil skirt is a staple in my closet and those that follow the blog know this! Pencil skirts are a summer, must have, for my magic tricks and illusions.

I’m REVVING UP summer with my  fashion motors and if you see me cruising by, don’t just stare, JOIN IN THE FUN.. What’s your fashion motor?

Riding out.….
Bow and Nyash

dress to express


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