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The Streets My Runway #tsmr


You might have been hearing rumours and whispers these past few days that Style Squad Zim is the official blogger for THE STREETS MY RUNWAY… Wait for it…. YES, IT’S OFFICIAL and I can barely contain myself!

At some point in my life I wanted to be model. It wasn’t so much about actually modelling, it was more about the glitz and glamour I associated with the career. But I swiftly let it go when my body, weight and height flatly said no, it was not to be! 

But thanks to Encore Productions (the brains behind the fashion show), I get to live out a little piece of my modelling dream everyday in these Harare streets! I don’t have to be a model but I can strut my stuff on my very own runway. I ain’t mad at that!

So this past week I took inspiration from the show and took to the streets! We found a quiet road in my neighbourhood and VIOLA, my very own runway!



I was feeling all sorts of cute in this little ensemble. My gorgeous Aztec pencil skirt courtesy of Mr Price (of course). Mr Price can very well be one of my favourite African shops of all time, they are always on trend with quality, affordable pieces that make my heart and wallet smile.




Introducing my second fashion motor of the summer MY NEW HAIR!! Crotchet braids are the FUTURE and the new love of my life! Its only recently that I started playing around with hair colour but I just felt like that wasn’t enough, I wanted ADVENTURE AND SPICE! And let me tell you, I got it! To really push it to edge, I went all in with a short do! Feeling like a young Tina Turner.


I used Bonita Braid (colours 33 and 340) which is under the Zimbabwean brand Sensational. Funny story, I almost had a stroke, a heart attack and fits all at once when Tari, my hairdresser, took 340 out of the packet, it legit looked lumo orange!! But thank the Lord, I’m not walking around with orange hair. I wanted adventure just not that much, haha. Bonita costs $1 a packet, which you all know my pocket and I love!  I only used one and half packets, so my second fashion motor again only cost me $2. 


The Streets My Runway is a show after my fashion heart, showcasing ready-to-wear fashions relevant to our Zimbabwean context and streets. A platform to celebrate and showcase emerging Zimbabwean designers. The show is hosting eleven designers all in all and the coolest thing is that all of the designers are either in school or just recently graduated!

How inspiring and exciting to see young Zimbabwean creatives boldly chasing their dreams, unapologetic! It truly warms my heart and I think its a great opportunity for all of us to support and show these incredible designers some love.


Designers showcasing at #tsmr
💟 Trendy A & C
💟 Afro Creations
💟 263isme
💟 Cici Fashions
💟 Maison de Rouge
💟 Carol W
💟 Maricko Nations
💟 Eclectique Chic
💟 Blissy Couture
💟 Abiot


To much excitement happening on the 07/11/15 at Longchen Plaza. Tickets are going for $5, YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT.. Come through, see amazing clothes and hang out with me. I promise we are going to have too much fun.

If you can’t be there, not to worry, Style Squad Zim has you covered!! I will be keeping you posted on all the exciting happenings at the Fashion Show via all my social media platforms. Follow, follow, follow!!

Twitter: @nyashamavu
Instagram: @stylesquadzim
Facebook page: @Style Squad Zim

From My Runway,

dress to express



  1. Great read! I keep seeing this on my Time Line and wondering what in the world it is and scrolling past it. This was informative and I love it! If I am around I will definitely come through and support our very own designers.
    Stay fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

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