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Out on the town with Sally #tsmr

For the past few weeks, talk of #tsmr hasn’t left my mouth, am too excited about this show! With only TWO days to go, I’m all sorts of crazy, stupid, stoked, I just can’t get the show out of my mind. I think, I might be in love…

So for the next two days, I’m walking on air and if you see me in the clouds, don’t pull me down, leave me in my euphoric bliss. Love has been a concept beyond my reach for the longest time, an idea so distant, it constantly eludes me. But this time, I’ve got it right and I know I won’t be disappointed!Β 

The stage is set, the designers are ready, Encore Productions is ready andΒ  I’m definitely READY! Its going to be amazing, so if you are in Harare come through and support the designers!11 designers will be showcasing their work this Saturday at One Plus One (Longchen Plaza). One Plus One is going to be buzzing with creativity, diversity and electric energy! You don’t want to miss it!

Style Squad Zim is the official blogger for the fashion show and I’m super excited to meet you all. I really want to create a virtual dimension of the show, especially for all those that can’t physically be there. I’M YOUR ALL ACCESS PASS, behind the scene madness, red carpet moments to runway fabulousness live via all my social media accounts:

Facebook :

Twitter : Style Squad Zim (@NyashaMavu)

Instagram :

If you haven’t already done so, FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!!

But in the mean time, I’m still playing in the streets and strutting my stuff! Anyone want to guess what my third fashion motor is??Β  Yeap! My cute little hat, Sally. I love Sally, she adds spunk to every outfit I pair her with. I found Sally in Ivato Supermarket (Longchen Plaza) and she was only $7. So full of character, she brings out my fun side! The beauty of accessories!



My sexy wedges are from Mr Price (MRP), totally cool for summer and my little black dress and bag I got online.





I can’t wait for Saturday, I hope you are all excited too!

See you in the streets!!

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