blogger challenges for my grandfather

For the one I love: a dedication to Sekuru Mavhu

Its been a month, two days since you left. I’m still trying to cope but often I find myself drowning in despair. This past week has been especially hard. I was viciously attacked on a Facebook platform for Zim women, one of them went as far as to call me an attention seeking “INSTAHOE” because I couldn’t possibly be a serious blogger! She hasn’t read or even seen my blog, by the way, she just didn’t like my Sally outfit!

It really got to me until I saw this picture of you Sekuru (dashing gentleman on the left) and remembered what a LIGHT you were and how you touched so many lives, everywhere you went with your smile and kind heart. Not only did you touch lives, I really love that you SLAYED while doing it! Style Squad Zim is my attempt to be a light, just like you taught me and if I can just touch ONE life, make ONE person smile with my blog then I know my work here is done! Thank you for giving me strength in my time of doubt and insecurity even though you aren’t physically here anymore. Every time I look at this picture, I will remember to be a LIGHT. Love you and miss you Sekuru Mavhu 😿


dress to express


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