#MCM first male feature street style Style and Fashion

#MCM A hot minute with MR FIRE

Happy Monday Squad!!

I’m literally walking on air today, I have a very special treat for all my ladies!

It has been an amazing year for the blog and I have been working tirelessly to keep my content fresh, entertaining, encouraging, fun and of course, FASHIONABLY FABULOUS! I hope I have been doing good job so far, but today isn’t about me.


Introducing one of the most stylish guys I know, my friend KUDA ZVAITA aka MR FIRE as our very first male feature! I don’t know if you can tell but I’m over the moon!! There is nothing I love more than a well dressed gentleman. 



MR FIRE has such a captivating air, he can’t help but command your attention and bring the fire when he steps into a room. Its absolutely amazing to watch! Honestly, in Kuda’s world it’s ALWAYS stylish o’clock. It really doesn’t matter where or when I see him, he is always dressed to the nines!



MR FIRE is a 23 year old with huge modelling aspirations but is currently, working in Finance for Telecel Zimbabwe. Hotness and brains make for a killer combination!

Stylistically, he looks up to Chris Brown and he says,

“I have moved away from trying to wear what people already know.. I don’t want to be consistent or clichΓ©, I yearn to motivate people with a different kind of dressing. Something distinctive!”



Ohhhhh Kuda….. WE ARE MOTIVATED!

Kuda loves going out, hanging out with friends and staying in shape. He works out THREE times daily and plays basketball. Can you handle that heat?  His body be banging! Can I get a witness?


And the good news keeps on coming, Kuda is SINGLE! Ladies, you’re welcome!

Its Monday and I’m crushing hard on this tall, good looking drink of water. So my first ever #MCM goes out to my Mr Fire!

Thank you Kuda for gracing SSZ with your magnificent presence and ensuring we have stylish week ahead!

Completely Smitten,



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