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A Stranger in Dubai

It’s six months into the year and this is my first blog post! Time literally got away from me, I just can’t believe it. Honestly, life has been amazingly hectic, a new job on an extremely different continent. What a trip!! For those that do not know, I am in the Middle East (Dubai, specifically) trying to chase these dreams. I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would end in Dubai of all places working in fashion but here I am and let me tell you, it still feels so surreal!

Life isn’t all high heels and roses in these ends. Life has been extremely difficult and unbearable a lot of the times. I terribly miss my family and friends everyday, it’s so hard not seeing them and being near to them. Sometimes I absolutely love my job and a lot of the times I absolutely hate it and I want to go back home (Zimbabwe). The weather isΒ  dreadful, walking outside is my worst nightmare, yes it’s that hot! Communication can be such a challenge but we deal. The real world of Adulting!

But I think, slowly, I am finding my feet, making a way and adapting. It’s a whole new exciting world!

I can’t even begin to tell you all the things that I have learnt. I feel like am in school again, just trying to take it all in. The fashion scene is incredible, with out of this world variety and just a different take on fashion as a concept altogether due to local cultural and traditional influences. Before I came here, I thought my blogging days were over because everyone kept scaring with statements like “you can’t wear this”, you can’t wear that”, “people get arrested for showing their arms” A lot of false craziness! There is so much freedom to express here, I won’t lie to you, a little too much sometimes.
I think I spent the first three months here wide eyed, quietly observing and taking notes. The fashion energy here is completely insane and even I’ve started pushing myself further out of my comfort zone. My style is aesthetic is definitely changing, getting bolder and I love it!

The past month was the most exciting for me, fashion wise! I had beautiful ombre grey hair and I started to really experiment with looks and hairstyles. It was such a rush! I loved it and everyone around me loved it, I felt absolutely stunning! Those that follow me on my social media platforms shared in that journey with me, and I am so thankful for all your support and encouragement! It honestly means the world to me. You guys are the best!

I took an involuntary break from the blog (trust me, it wasn’t planned) but I haven’t stopped working and chasing my dream. The adjustment wasn’t the easiest, and trying to organise a new team has been a nightmare but I am working through it. I think you guys missed me enough, so I am officially back!

In addition to the blog, every week I have BARGAIN THURSDAY which is an exciting fashion game open to all on my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SNAPCHAT)!

And My Dubai Series on SNAPCHAT (Yashna263) for a look into my day to day. I share looks, tips and a whole lot of random craziness. This series is for those who are interested in getting to know me more and for those that want to communicate and connect with me on a more personal level. This one is for you!

Am so thrilled to be back and I thought it fitting to share my favourite Dubai outfit so far. My take on a classic black and white with a pop of colour, just how I like it.



I got these show stopping palazzo shorts from Max for 20dhs ($6), my crop top from New Yorker for 16dhs ($4)! My outfit basically cost $10!! Can you believe it? My handbag was on last week’s BARGAIN THURSDAY and it cost me a whooping 40dhs ($11)! Imagine that? And if my beautiful red shoes look familiar, it’s because you have seen the blue ones on BARGAIN THURSDAY as miss Tina’s prize! Miss Tina has been the only winner so far, so if you haven’t been participating, it’s not too late to get on board and win yourself an awesome goody from the bargain hunter! Prize for anyone who can tell me how much these shoes cost?




So much love and light,


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