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Creative Hub

Growing up it always seemed like adults had this crazy obsession with asking, what I wanted to be when I grew up. I mean this question came up in every single conversation, I couldn’t escape it! Other kids my age had it all figured out, they wanted to be doctors, pilots, teachers and accountants but my aspirations were slightly different. For me, it wasn’t so much what I wanted to do, it was more who I wanted to be.

My mind was made up from the age of five, I wanted to be Tina Turner, simple! I would spend hours on end watching her music videos and live performances, letting it all soak in. Tina Turner was the epitome of everything I wanted to be, a BEAUTIFUL ROCK STAR CONNECTING THE WORLD WITH INCREDIBLE MUSIC. Tina’s ability to light up the stage mesmerized me and no matter which part of the world she went to, she seemed to have the same effect on everyone who laid eyes on her! A life under the flashing lights, the roaring applause, millions of people calling out my name and a CREATIVE was born!

I now realize as I have grown into my own creative that I don’t have be Tina to embody what she represented to me. I can just take the lessons, she didn’t know she was teaching me and use them to light up my atmosphere. As a creative, my one desire is to continue growing, learning and expanding. To do and to be more! To explore all my talents, those I have discovered already and those I am yet to discover.

So, this past year I was going back and forth in my mind trying to figure out how I could do this. Let me tell you, I had millions of ideas, mostly terrible ones but ideas all the same. Amid all this idea chaos, one idea kept jumping out, I just couldn’t shake it. So, I set out to prove to myself that it was the worst idea in life. So, I whispered it to a couple of my creative friends and here we are today, announcing said project! Can you believe that? It’s all very surreal.

When I was still a baby creative, getting my feet wet and learning the ropes, I had this desire to engage and work with other creatives. Eager to dive in, I joined several platforms on social media as a starting point to connect and interact with like minded creatives. But no matter how many platforms I joined, I was never satisfied. I needed more and I could never find it. Eventually, I realised that none of these platforms could give me what I was looking for because the vision was mine and I was the only one that could see it through. Just like Miss Tina Turner, I want to connect the world with my creativity. So how do I go about doing that?

I introduce to you, the CREATIVE HUB, an online platform specifically designed for creatives the world over. Unlike similar sounding platforms CREATIVE HUB aims to create a space for diverse creatives from different artistic backgrounds and genres to connect, share, learn, build relationships and most importantly COLLABORATE. The main idea behind the CREATIVE HUB is to build a platform that encourages dynamic and unique collaborations. Collaborations that have not yet been considered possible, a platform the produces work completely out of this world! Work that makes the world stop and listen.

As a creative, I have realised that more than anything I want to keep pushing the boundaries, exploring new possibilities and growing. However, the key is I cannot achieve this alone. CREATIVE HUB is for every creative that feels the same and sees opportunities to grow and turn dreams into reality.

So how can I be so sure this will work?? Well, am glad you asked, CREATIVE HUB is a result of a unique and global collaboration between two growing forces, Style Squad Zimbabwe based in the United Arab Emirates and Liyon Media based in Zimbabwe and South Africa. There is an uncontrollable force that sparks when talents and energies are combined, so let’s light up the world!


How does it work?

We have built an interactive website for all our creatives with exciting features. Each creative will have a page/profile showcasing their work with links to their various social media. CREATIVE HUB will also have a super cool COLLABORATE button that automatically opens communication with any creative you would like to work with on future projects!

Collaboration goes beyond someone’s work, so how do you decide who to work with and why to work with them?Β  As a fun output, beyond the website, CREATIVE HUB will also have a SNAPCHAT channel. This channel is an exciting way to introduce your work, your brand and yourself to other creatives, interested parties and followers that aren’t normally in your sphere of influence. CREATIVE HUB SNAPCHAT is really the foundation that we believe will encourage actual engagement, sharing ideas which in turn will open way for dynamic collaborations that would have seemed impossible normally.

Each creative will get 48 hours to host the SNAPCHAT channel and make a lasting impression! What happens in those 48 hours is entirely up to the creative! These 48 hours are your moment to shine, so make the best of them! However, hosting the SNAPCHAT channel is not compulsory, it’s down to personal choice. Once you join our online platform, you will be able to access an automated calender which will show the hosting schedule!

The time is right now, I have been nervous and almost terrified to put this project out but no more! I am walking into this new season boldly, ready to be all that I know I can be.


Are you brave enough to join us on this adventure?


Nyasha and Godfrey





  1. Wow nyasha this brought so much mixed emotions joy , delight and hope for you for this exciting project! This is exciting I can’t wait to be a part of it hooray

    Liked by 1 person

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