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Can You Keep A Secret?

Today I'm spilling some retail secrets to help you slay in the streets and in your finances.

Hey Dolls,

Moving to Dubai was super exciting but also super overwhelming. There was so much to see and learn, my mind couldn’t work fast enough to keep up. There I was, smack in the middle of one of the best shopping destinations on the planet with no idea what to do with myself. I wanted to buy everything I laid my eyes on! The variety available was astounding, each shop with better merchandise than the one before. This place is exactly what heaven looks like in my mind.  As you can imagine, it was a complete disaster! I learnt the hard way to pace myself and be financially responsible.

Unfortunately, change didn’t happen overnight. I stumbled numerous times before I got to a point where I wasn’t buying stuff solely based on impulse. Working in retail helped me quickly understand that looking good shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. So, today I’m dropping some retail secrets to help you slay in the streets and your finances.


Last night I was watching a wildlife show on a pride of lions in the Serengeti. Lions are intentional hunters, every move calculated and planned. Once a lion has set its sights on prey, the strategy isn’t to attack right away. A lion will take time to watch, listen and pick out the weakest link while following from a distance. When it’s time to attack, the poor zebra is caught completely unaware and off guard.

When it comes to fashion, patience must be your number one mode of attack. The best retail secret I can share is, WAIT. Spot what you like and wait, don’t be too quick to pull out your wallet. Listen, all accessories, clothing and shoes stores work in seasons, each collection represents a season (summer, winter, autumn or spring). End of season is marked by the magnificent SALE. You get the same item for usually half the price or less. All it takes is a little patience! The worst thing is buying something for 99, only to come back a few days later and find it going for 39. Take it from me, I have fallen victim to impatience so many times. Trust me, it sucks!

Good things always come to those who wait!


To show you how rewarding patience is, check out a breakdown of my bomb denim and leather combo.

Leather Jacket (NEW YORKER)149 DHS ($41)29 DHS ($8)
Denim Skirt (NEW YORKER)99 DHS ($27)19DHS ($5)
Shoes (NEW LOOK)145 DHS ($40)2 Pairs for 70 DHS ($19)
Bodysuit (NEW YORKER55 DHS ($15)19 DHS ($5)

I saved a grand total $86 because I decided to be patient and shop intentionally. Sales are one of retail’s best kept secrets but once you understand the system, you can make smart choices. No brand is exempt, luxury or otherwise, at one point or another a sale is inevitable and that’s the exact moment to strike.

I have more good news for you, if you manage to pace yourself and stretch your patience just little, you could buy for even less than you bargained for with further reductions during the sale. Brands usually do further markdowns/reductions two weeks or so into the sale, it’s a clever idea to keep an eye out and stay alert.


Further reductions fabulousness below:

Denim Jacket (NEW YORKER)199 DHS ($55)55 DHS ($15)
Lace Body Suit (R AND B)19 DHS ($5)19 DHS ($5)
Bandeaux (NEW YORKER)39 DHS ($11)5 DHS ($1)
Palazzo Pants (NEW YORKER)99 DHS ($27)29 DHS ($8)
Shoes (NEW LOOK)179 DHS ($49) 2 Pairs for 90 DHS ($25)

A whopping $93 saved by further reductions and patience! Sweet music to my ears. There is absolutely no reason looking good should make you lose a step and compromise financially. You can have it all!

Shop smart, watch, wait and strike! It’s a jungle out there, be the hunter and not the prey.

Bargain Hunter,




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