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FASHION ME MEN is my first virtual event on the blog, a collaboration with five of the hottest male fashionistas I know! Have a look...

Hey Dolls,

One feature down, on to the next one! Special shout-out to our first, JUNIOR who came through and slayed us all the way to heaven and back with his cool, edgy style. Staying winning!

Ladies, let me take this moment to introduce you to Australian based model Tanaka Michael Mayenzanise, our second feature for this awesome event! Our Classic Man. Tanaka dresses like the guy you want to introduce to your parents. Clean cut, stylish and trendy. Suits with a modern and hip twist, exactly what the doctor prescribed!



In addition to being a model, Tanaka has a fashion brand focused on styling men called Michael Mayenza. The brand was created in August 2016 as TK Stylists which was later reinvented. Tanaka has big plans for his brand which include styling services for women. Who’s ready for that? I know I am!



Want to see more of Tanaka? Don’t hesitate to follow him on his social media platforms for more style inspiration and classic man swag..

INSTAGRAM = @tanaka_model

TWITTER = @tksytlists

FACEBOOK = Tanaka Michael Mayenzanise.





Thank me later dolls!




Hey there dolls, leave a comment below.

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