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Today we are talking beauty! Getting into face masks, the brands i have tried and the incredible results..

I am still pretty hyped up on FASHION ME MEN, it was such a momentous event! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and you showed my boys some love on their personal social media handles. If you are new to the blog and have no idea what am talking about, please take a moment to check out all the FASHION ME MEN posts in collaboration with four of the hottest, most talented male creatives in the game (Junior, Tanaka, Godfrey and Tich) and Cr3ative HUB.

Today let’s talk Beauty! Am super excited because I haven’t done a beauty post in the longest time. I have been experimenting more with beauty products, trying to get my feet wet and diversify. My skin is super sensitive and I must be extra cautious with trying new beauty products. For me, the key is simplicity. I honestly can’t be the only one who gets overwhelmed and flustered when beauty products seem too complex? Even with sensitive skin, am not big on technicalities, all I need to know is the product:


Naturally, I was hesitant to try face masks at first but I decided to go for it. The worst thing that could happen was waking up with a swollen, puffy face. No biggie! I set out to Sephora on a mission and when I got there everything fell apart. Firstly, I was thrown off by how packed it was, I expected to take a leisurely stroll in the aisles, talk to a few beauty consultants and really get a sense of the best mask for my skin type. Secondly, the options to choose from where insane, every brand I looked at had face masks or some variety of it, I couldn’t zone in on the one. Literally, as I was making my way out, frustrated, I saw the Sephora mask range. Looking back, it was the cute, colourful packaging that caught my attention and the price only sweetened and sealed the deal. The SEPHORA mask range starts from 12 AED to 20 AED (approximately $3 to $6) depending on the mask of your choice. So, I casually picked out a couple of face, lip and foot masks and I have been in a committed relationship with them ever since.




My skin adores SEPHORA masks, no irritation, no swelling just beautifully moisturized, soft skin. Super easy to use, all you need is 15 minutes and you’re all set to conquer the day. There is no need to apply lotion or anything after you’ve taken off the mask, your skin is radiantly glowing, smooth and moisturized. Absolutely, no dryness.




There are so many face masks available on the market currently, the choice is yours, I think the key is just being open to trying. I tried SEPHORA’s mask range and immediately fell in love so I haven’t tried any other masks yet and I cannot recommend any other brands for you to try just yet. But in the meantime, if you come across these amazing masks, please give them a try and let me know what you think. Deal?








    1. Hey Emma, thank you so much 😊! Awwww no Sephora in the UK, I try get you a link, I hope you can order online ☺️ and I will definitely check out your blog


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