Hey Dolls

Am so excited to introduce ON THE HUNT. As part of my Confidence Hunter initiative I have created thee heel for smart, confident women ready to kick down doors and take on the world while standing out!

I have been thinking about how I would like to make an impact on this world and tell my story. Opportunities haven’t also been presented to me and I’ve had to create my own doors and pathways. I know that I’m not the only one and I have created ON THE HUNT for all the boss women making waves and taking names in their different spheres of influence.

I have partnered up with Alive Shoes, an Italian company that breathes life into my exclusive designs. Each heel is handcrafted by the best craftsmen in the game, using the best Italian leather and materials for the highest quality. A piece of affordable luxury for the days you want an extra fashionable confidence boost.

Beautiful dolls, please help me support a life long dream as we move in the world with confidence and attack our goals and dreams!



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